Software Development Methodology

Crosslink’s team of software professional can help client meet all their software needs which could be some small application to keep track of employees to any tool designed to catered to thousands of users.

Our standardized software development approach helps us to provide

  • Cost-effective and efficient business solutions
  • On-time completion of the project
  • Delivery of a high-quality system meeting your business requirements
  • Development of a flexible, easy to use and modify (in case you need some enhancements in future) system

Requirements Gathering

We believe that it’s imperative that we have clear understanding of client’s requirement. Our Business Consultants conducts Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions with the client. These are brainstorming sessions that help determine the business objectives and marketing goals. Prototype storyboards or screen layouts are used for role-playing.

Technical Architechure

Our Technical Architects advise the client on options available to them with respect to architectural approaches and technology solutions for project implementation.


Based on the architecture and technology chosen, the development team of Programmers, Graphic Designers and Project Managers draft a development plan for the project with cost and time estimates.

Incremtal Development

This is the stage where the project is actually off the ground. Crosslink Wireless builds the application in progressive phases or increments. Incremental delivery permits experimentation of complex solutions during the course of development. This approach facilitates modifications through hands-on exposure to the delivered increment.

Installation & Training

Once the system is installed on the production servers, comprehensive training is extended to the client's IT/ MIS personnel; not only to administer and maintain it, but also to understand the underlying technology and development tools. The end-users are trained to use the application effectively. Follow-up action in terms of close monitoring of the system and applications ensures immediate response to issues.