DAS / Small Cell Architectures

While advancements in network technology include expanding coverage, it has become clear that capacity driven solutions – including both distributed architectures and small cell architectures – are required to optimize the end user experience. Mobile end users expect operators to provide a seamless mobile experience as they increasingly build their appetite for data. DAS solutions are deployed to extend coverage in hard to reach places and provide additional capacity for high-volume usage areas.

Crosslink Wireless is a single source provider of in-building wireless solutions comprised of real estate and telecom professionals. We design, develop, own and maintain high-quality wireless in-building infrastructure. Developing state-of-the-art wireless communication networks in buildings where service is otherwise weak, non-existent or capacity constrained, we resolve the concerns of carriers and property owners. Crosslink Wireless is capable of managing and implementing the DAS from start to finish. Our implementation process has been developed utilizing our comprehensive experience of system deployment and the highest industry installation standards:

  • Single Source Provider of In-Building Solutions
  • Real-Estate and Telecom Professionals
  • In-house Structured Cabling, Electrical, and Line & Antenna Crews
  • Property Acquisition / Access
  • Design Services (AutoCAD)
  • Installation
  • Operations / Service & Maintenance (24/7)
  • Union Capabilities